When: March 8-11, 2012

Where: Claude-Robillard Sports Complex

            1000 Émile-Journault, Montréal Qc, H2M 2E7

            Subway: Crémazie (orange line)


L'International Gymnix 2012 Schedule


Training possibilities (provincial and national)


Competition venue

Competitions are being held at the Claude-Robillard Sports Complex

Omnisports room & Double Gymnasium

(1000 Emile-Journault, Montreal Qc, H2M 2E7)



New in 2012!

The floor will be on podium in the double gym !!!


In the Omnisports room, all the apparatus are raised on podium, making this competition floor one of the nicest in the world. Here is a glimpse of what the gymnasium looks like:





Parking is available on Emile-Journault Avenue or in the parking lots located behing Claude-Robillard Sports Complex, and identified as P1, P2, P3. For more information, please refer to the following document.



Tickets can be purchased at the door.

** CASH ONLY ** 





(5-12 yrs) 


Weekend Pass
(4 days - provides access to all competitions)
*Event program included*

$40 $20
"L'International" Pass
(provides access to the Challenge Gymnix, Junior International Cup and Event finals)
$30 $15

1 day pass
(provides access to all competitions held on the same day)

$18 $9

L'International Gymnix
(single entrance to the Challenge Gymnix, Junior International Cup or Event finals)

$12 $6

La Classique Gymnix
(single entrance)

$8 $4

Children: 5-12 years old

Free for children under 5 years old


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