List of athletes

Here are the athletes who will participate in La Classique Gymnix & L'International Gymnix 2012!!!


Athlete's list - La Classique Gymnix 2012 (by catégory) (6 mars)


Athlete's list - L'International Gymnix 2012 (6 mars)



Here are the invitations for La Classique Gymnix and L'International Gymnix :


Invitation La Classique Gymnix 2012 (Oct 28, 2011)


Invitation L'International Gymnix 2012 (Oct 28, 2011)

International junior and senior cup & Gymnix Challenge & La Classique Gymnix


Online registrations clik here


Dates to remember

Here are the important dates to remember:


December 5
  • Registration deadline (for the L'International & Classic Gymnix 2012)


  • Deadline for non-medical withdrawals WITH REFUND* 

    (After this date, no refund will be provided for withdrawal without a medical certificate).


  • Deadline for medical withdrawals (medical certificate required) WITH FULL REFUND

    (After this date, refund for medical withdrawal will still be accepted. However, a $10 administrative fee will be charged).

January 18
  • Deadline for any modification to an existing registration*
February 6
  • Deadline for medical withdrawals (medical certificate required) WITH REFUND*

    (After this date, no refund will be provided for withdrawals)


* Please note that an additional $10 fee will be charged for any amendment to an existing registration or refund request.



Modification request

Withdrawal notice


Please send the completed and signed forms, accompanied by a copy of the medical certificate (if applicable), by email to or by fax to 514-872-1590.




Canadian Provincial Program (CPP) - Quebec version rules will be applied.

CPP - General charts


La Classique Gymnix 2012

Equipment Specifications for provincial and national categories

Search site


L'International Gymnix 1000 Emile-Journault Montréal, Qc, H2M 2E7 514-872-1536 poste 227