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L'International Gymnix was first organized in 1991, with the goal of providing Canadian gymnasts the opportunity to perform in front of their home crowd, while gaining international experience. Over the years, it has grown to become the biggest international gymnastics competition held in Canada, with over 600 athletes, 100 coaches and officials, as well as an impressive team of 200 volunteers.



The next edition of L'International Gymnix will be held

MARCH 8-11, 2012

We hope to see you there! 




What is L'International Gymnix?


"L'International Gymnix":

L'International Gymnix encompasses two competitions:


o   Junior International Cup (women)

The best junior gymnasts in the world compete in a unique team competition.


o   Senior International Cup (women)

The best senior gymnasts in the world compete in a unique individual competition.


o   Gymnix Challenge (women)

International competition bringing together elite athletes.


 In parallel to L'International Gymnix, the Gymnix Classic provides the opportunity to gymnasts of all ages and levels to take part in the event as well:

 "Gymnix Classic" (women)

 Provincial and national competition reuniting athletes from Canada, United States and, occasionally, outside North America.

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